Set up for Invited Service Providers

How to set up your Doinn account if you got invited by the property manager/owner

Last Updated: May 23rd, 2024

Applies to: Service providers that have been invited to use Doinn as a software


You have been invited to use Doinn by one of your clients - property managers /owners - to improve your daily operations, be more efficient, and control better the workload and the team.
Please check the following list of things to do, to be able to get the maximum out of Doinn.

  1. Create catalogues
  2. Add your team
  3. Services
  4. Get teams to install and start using the Operations app
  5. Monitor & Forecast business insights

1. Create catalogues 

Catalogues in Doinn are similar to quotations or price lists. It's where you define a service with a price and a duration you want.

When you create a catalogue you can define:

  • Services name and description;
  • Service price (optional) - Doinn allows complex,  fixed, and flexible pricing;
  • Service durations (optional);
  • Service locations (optional) - You can select only one country and you can limit the service to one or many cities. If none, the service can be located anywhere in the country selected 

Catalogues can be created based on templates provided by Doinn or you can create your personalized catalogue. 

How to create a catalogue

  1. Create a new personalized catalogue
    1. Price type options for services

2.    Create a catalogue from Templates

2. Add your team

To be able to assign services to your employees first you need to register them in Doinn. It is possible to add coworkers, assign a role, and create teams.

Internal team roles include account owner, admin, manager, operation representative, coordinator supervisor, or service worker. 

Screenshot 2024-05-13 alle 16.16.10

In the menu Staff / Members is possible to do the following actions:

  1. Add a member
  2. Delete a member
  3. Search a member
  4. Create a team

3. Services

In the services menu, you can view services coming from the property manager /owner who invited you. Services are created using Catalogues you have previously shared with them. There are two different views - you can switch between List View and Dispatch View as shown in the image below:

  1. Manage Services while navigating in the Service List 
  2. Dispatch Services while navigating in the Services Dispatch view
  3. Manage Services inside Service Details (by clicking in each Service)

4. Get teams to install and start using the Operations app

Now that your team has accepted your invitation, each member can access Doinn with their credentials and view daily tasks.

Depending on the role members will be able to access and manage different information.

Please check the following article about roles.

Check our article Install the mobile app to download Doinn Operations Center!

5. Monitor & Forecast business insights

Insights are relevant information and indicators prepared by Doinn to help you learn about your business and become more efficient.

There are different parts of your work that you will have the chance to analyze and control, like Operational, Financial, Performance, Logistic, and Quality.

Screenshot 2023-04-18 alle 19.30.09 2 2 2

To use these powerful tools your workers must be using the Start and Stop function! We suggest that your staff does the start/stop directly in the Doinn Operations App when executing the service, however in a desktop it is also possible to start and stop the services

Check our article Insights - Menu to find out more about the powerful tools of the insights tab!