Set up for Invited Property managers/owners

How to set up your Doinn account if you got invited by the service provider

Last Updated: May 20th, 2024

Applies to: Property managers/owners that have been invited to use Doinn as a software


You have been invited to use Doinn by one of your service providers - to improve your daily operations, be more efficient, and control better the workload and the team.
Please check the following list of things to do, to be able to get the maximum out of Doinn.

  1. Add properties
  2. Add reservations
  3. Catalogues shared with me
  4. (Optional) Create Checklists
  5. Create first automation 

1. Add properties

To be able to create services you will have to create first all properties where you needs services.
Your properties are stored in Properties tab.

Screenshot 2024-05-15 alle 13.57.38

There are 3 ways to create properties:

  • Integration with your PMS 

Click your Property Management System in order to see how you can upload your properties to the Dionn platform:

If you work with Avantio, Icnea, Rentals United, Smoobu, Guesty, BookingSinc, Vreasy, Tokeet or Hostaway you can load the properties in 2 minutes by following the steps below

  • Excel import

If you work with a lot of properties and you do not work with any of these PMS’, we recommend you follow this method. Besides creating the properties you will also be able to add an iCal link to integrate the calendars 

  • Manual Creation

Through our easy-to-use interface, you can quickly create a new property manually

Find out more in the article Create properties

2. Add reservation

In order to generate services automatically Doinn needs to have information on all reservations in your properties. There are 3 options to receive reservations in Doinn:

  • Automatically via PMS integrations - please check the following information. If there is no direct PMS integration, you can fetch reservations via iCal integration.
  • Automatically via iCal Sync integrations - please check the following information.
  • Manually created in the Reservation section

For each reservation, Doinn can automatically create a service request (see point 4 Create first automation).

Find out more in the article Reservation - Menu

3. Catalogues shared with me

Check your catalogues shared by your service provider in Catalogues / Share with me tab

Screenshot 2023-04-24 alle 13.52.04

Select a catalogue and navigate through it to know the prices, service type and duration.

Find out more in the article Catalogues - Menu in particular point 6 "Catalogues Shared with me"

4. (Optional) Create Checklists 

Add checklists to make sure that all your instructions are followed.

In case you want a team to follow a certain list of actions or revise the work at the end of the service you can create a checklist and add it to a service or Automation so the person assigned to a service can see it while executing it.

Once you are in the checklist tab, you can easily create new checklists or copy one from the Templates section and personalized it.

You will be able to:

  • create multiple checklists
  • edit checklists
  • delete checklists

You can assign your checklists to your automation and simplify your daily workflow (see point 4 Create first automation).

Find out more about checklists in the article Checklists - Menu

5. Create first automation

Automations in Doinn make your daily workflow much easier since they will generate services automatically.
Automate all scheduling based in the Doinn 5 elements (where, when, what, who, how) using Catalogues your service provider has shared with you.

When you create an Automation you can:

  • Define Automation name and description;
  • Choose who to assign to a service;
  • Choose when to schedule it;
  • Select the catalogue upon which the service will be generated;
  • Apply a checklist to follow;
  • Select properties for which the service will be generated. 

    Screenshot 2024-04-23 alle 12.57.41

Find out more about checklists in the article Create automation - Automate all scheduling