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Reservations - Menu

Reservations - Menu

Last Updated: May 16 2024

Applies to: Only registered users with roles: owner, admin, coordinator


In this article is possible to see all actions to perform in the Reservations menu.

  1. How to manage Reservations: Sync, Add, Delete your reservation
  2. Actions on a specific reservation

Screenshot 2024-05-16 alle 20.19.03

Beforehand it is important to understand how can the reservations be created in Doinn, there are 3 options:

  • Automatically via PMS integrations - this is explained in the integrations section where you can check which PMS are directly integrated with Doinn. If there is no direct PMS integration, you can fetch reservations via iCal integration.
  • Automatically via iCal Sync integrations - this is explained in the integrations section here
  • Manually created in the Reservation section

1.  How to manage Reservations: Sync, Add, Delete your reservation

Back to our reservations menu, let's see what we can do.

Let's start with the top part, where we have a filter that will show us our reservations based on Property, date, status and sort. As for this last filter, we suggest sort by check-out, this will help you figuring out next services and take, if needed some actions (keep reading this article)

Besides the filter, we have the possibility to manage our reservations:

  • Sync all reservation

Doinn is synchronizing all your reservations every hour but you can always Sync your reservations



  • Add reservation

If you need to add a reservation manually, you just need to select Add reservation from the menu and follow the instructions. 

Fill all the information needed and save:

Now you reservation is displayed among the others.

Screenshot 2024-05-16 alle 20.20.01

Adding a reservation manually doesn't mean that a service is created (unless you are using automations - strongly suggested)

Through the menu "Actions" select Add services. Check "Create manually a new service" in this article

  • Delete all reservation

You can also chose to delete all your reservations (not recommended) taking into consideration that all the reservations with paid services or added manually, will not be deleted

2.  Actions on a specific reservation

We have seen the actions that affects all the reservations, but there are other actions that are reflected on the individual reservation.

Screenshot 2024-05-16 alle 20.20.46

Let's consider this reservation and see what are the available actions from the button Actions:

  • Add services

As we have seen before, when adding a manual reservation we will have to add services manually. Just follow the instructions. We can also need to add extra services to the ones already created. 

If this action is not visible, check this

  • View services

We can see a resume of the services linked to our reservation, but we can also check for more details by clicking on View service.

Screenshot 2023-04-12 alle 13.46.25


  • Edit reservation

You can easily change the information about your reservation, such as the date of check-in and check-out, the number of guests.. And once done, the reservations and its services will be moved or updated.


  • Block reservation

Blocking the reservation is a tool that allows you to communicate to your supplier that this specific reservation is not to be considered. Let's assume that you have some maintenance to be done in your apartment, meaning that no guests are in your property, the property should look booked in your channels. You know the reason of this "reservation" but your supplier doesn't, and since a check-out is creating a service, you need to take care of this.

If your reservation are coming from one of the integrations supported, this actions is not needed

Screenshot 2023-04-12 alle 13.54.41

When blocking a reservations we have few options to select.

In the example discussed, not only I want to block my reservation but I also want to remove all the services! 

Don't forget to select Remove all services if these are no longer needed!

When blocking a reservation, this will be displayed like shown in the picture.

For sure you can restore it and add the needed services.

Screenshot 2024-05-16 alle 20.21.27

If this action is not visible, check this

  • Delete reservation 

You can also delete the reservation and this will no longer be displayed among the reservations.

Compared to the action of Blocking, once deleted the reservation cannot be restored. A new manual reservation will be needed.

This action is not possible if your service is inside the notice period window.

The notice period comes from the catalog and is the time (in hours) that the service is not created, updated or deleted automatically if it is not confirmed by the client.

Let's give an example, if you configure a catalog for specific cleaning service with 48h notice period then last 2 days before the service date, the services are not created, updated or deleted unless there is a job confirmation accepting that change. Therefore the reservation cannot be blocked because it has already a service pending to be executed between today and the day after tomorrow that can simply be not confirmed.