Integrations - Inbound/Outbound - How it Works

Inbound and Outbound Integrations to simplify property operations

Last Updated: April 12, 2023

Applies to: All registered users


Doinn brings the vacation rental an end-to-end automation from the guest reservation to the guest ready apartments.  Integrations in Doinn can be either inbound (incoming) outbound (outgoing) or bi-directional (data flows both ways)

Inbound Integrations -  Data imported into Doinn

Calendar Sync

  • Immediate and simple.
  • Add the reservation calendars links (iCal) in the profile of the apartment.
    The platform can automate all scheduling and dispatching all the services you need

Check list how to setup a calendar sync integration in Doinn


TIP: Check here the list of software that Doinn can read calendars in ical format, attention that this list is not a full list, please contact us in case your software is not in the list


Channel Manager/PMS (property management systems) API integrations

  • For PMS or a large property manager with their own API and no development capacity,
  • Doinn can easily implement your API and import apartments and reservations directly in our platform.

Check here how to setup up a Channel Manager/PMS API integration 


TIP: Check here the list of software that Doinn integrates their API


Outbound Integrations - Data exported from Doinn into your vacation rental software 

Doinn housekeeping API (hAPI)

  • The PMS preferred option.
  • Hassle free API integration that allows any vacation rental related platform to plan, organise and buy/offer our services directly in their system.
  • A full automation for guest ready properties, a clear competitive advantage for PMS or Channel Managers.

Interested in becoming hAPI ? - Doinn housekeeping API at your disposal

If you are interested to implement our hAPI, please contact us! Doinn is all the help you ever needed. We bring local accommodation owners or managers in touch with the best cleaning and laundry services. To do this we use a thorough, highly professional platform with a service that is always, at the very least, brilliant.


NOTE: Thanks to the seamless integration of our API, any vacation rental related software can now automatically buy and/or resell housekeeping and laundry services


TIP: Doinn platform can automatically assign the tasks to the dedicated workers or providers. Talk to us today and learn more how to have guest ready apartments in a simple, instant and automatic way.