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October 2023

Doinn Product Updates from October 2023

  1. Dispatch View: Multiple workers in one same service
  2. Enhanced Laundry catalogs
  3. New language Brazilian Portuguese added Improve the section "define items per property"
  4. Improve the section "define items per property"
  5. Create new property type "Building"
  6. Enhanced mobile app version
  7. Added new date format MM/DD/YYYY
  8. Added new time format AM and PM
  9. Price format adapted by country



1 - Dispatch View: Multiple workers in one same service 

It's now possible to see the service among several service workers in the dispatch view. The duration of the service is divided by all workers.




2 - Enhanced Laundry catalogs

The laundry and linen rental + laundry catalogs have been updated with 3 new items. The new items are:

  • Pillow protector
  • Double mattress protector
  • Single mattress protector




3 - New language Brazilian Portuguese added 

Added PT-BR as new language in the whole platform:




4 - Improve the section "define items per property" 

The section inside automations where is possible to define different items per property has now a better user experience. There were 2 improvements:

  1. Set value 0 by default instead 1 on the automation
  2. Add property address in the list of properties inside automation "define items per property" instead of just the property name



5 - Create new property type "Building"

There is a new property type that can be used for Multi-units properties or any other building type properties.

In this type of property you have specific new fields related to buildings or multi-units that you can setup with the correct number, the fields are:

  • Units
  • Floors
  • Common Areas




6 - Enhanced mobile app version 


The improvements in the doinn operations mobile app are the following:

  • review and solve minor issues with the push notifications
  • allow user to add photos to the job summary at any time
  • it is now possible to add up to 30 photos in app service notes and job summary
  • improve photos compression capabilities to speed up uploads
  • fixed an error where notes without photos were not visible



If you still don't have the mobile app updated please proceed with the update now.

You can find the mobile app in the stores, check here how to install the mobile app




7 - Added new date format MM/DD/YYYY


Allow dates in the platform and in the reports exported to have US most used format MM/DD/YYYY




8 - Added new time format AM and PM


Allow 12pm/am time instead of just 24h. Now it is possible for users to have across the platform and reports either e.g.. 1PM or 13h.




9 - Price format adapted by country


Now the money format is customized by country. Ex.: in the US they use the dot as a decimal point and the comma as a thousand separator.