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How to export your data

How to export your data

Last Updated: April 18, 2023

Applies to: All registered users

Exporting your data from Doinn it's very easy!
In this article we go through all the data that you can export.

  1. Export you Reports
  2. Export your Insights
  3. Export your Invoices
  4. Export your daily services scheduling

1.  Export you reports

From the tab Reports you can generate and export your reports

  1. Export a generic report
  2. Export a specific report

    To  find out more about the Reports tab check our article Reports - Menu

    • Export a generic report

    Depending if you are selling (sales) or buying (purchases) by choosing the fields you can download all the services done in the selected period of time.

    • Export a specific report

    Depending on the information you want to analyze, you can use the filters and download the specific report. In the picture we are downloading a report of all the service done in a specific property

    2.  Export you Insights

    From the tab Insights you can generate and export your data.
    Just click on this symbol

      Screenshot 2023-04-19 alle 13.17.02

      To  find out more about the Insights tab check our article Insights - Menu

      3.  Export you Invoices

      From the tab Invoices select the invoice you want to download, click on actions and choose your file.

      To  find out more about the Invoice tab check our article Invoice- Menu


      3.  Export your daily service scheduling


      From the tab Services select the view Dispatch and when all the services are assigned and your scheduling done, click on export.

      • By clicking export PDF, You can export all services in a specific day (from all workers) into a PDF
      • It is also possible to export services assign to specific workers by clicking on the button just next by each persons name


      Find out more about the Dispatch view by reading this article Services Menu - Dispatch View