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How can I add a user member?

Learn how to create and invite new user members to Doinn

Last Updated: February 08, 2024

Applies to: All registered users


To add a new user to your account you need to create their profile. You can do so in the People/Members tab and select Add a member.

The menu lets you choose to add One member or to do Bulk import if you want to add more than one member at once.

Screenshot 2023-11-28 alle 15.25.35

Add One member

From the action menu select One member (#1 in the image above)

a.  Define the role of the member

Each member has different permissions and it can be chosen from the menu "Role".
Here is a list of the different roles and permissions:

  • Account owner
    This person manages the highest level of account settings. They have full access and can add other account owners
  • Admin
    Can add other admins and have access to all features in Doinn platform. This role includes Back Office manager permissions together with Frontline Manager permissions.
  • Manager
    Has permissions such as creating properties and checklists, setting up integrations, adding automation, and inviting service providers to connect and send jobs (eg. Reservations Manager). This user is not able to add catalogs or dispatch jobs to service workers
  • Operation representative
    Has the same permission as the manager, except that this role does not have access to financial information such as reports or invoices
  • Coordinator
    Has permission to manage all features related to the field teams such as dispatch jobs, create catalogs, and add supervisors or service workers. They can invite customers that connect and send jobs, eg. Housekeeping Managers.
  • Supervisor
    Has the same permissions as the Coordinator except to create catalogs or invite customers. Supervisors don't have access to financial information, eg. Pre-Inspection manager.
  • Service-Worker
    Can see the details of properties and jobs sent to them. They can also edit services (eg. add extra time) and use instant messaging.


b.  Fill in the required information and send the invitation

Complete with email and password and select Add member. Once accepted the invitation the new user can change the password.

Add with Bulk Import

If you want to add more than one member at once, download the template (an excel file) provided by Doinn. Fill it and then upload it and select import.

Screenshot 2023-11-28 alle 15.37.06

An invitation is sent and it's visible in the Invitations tabs where we can also Resend or Remove it.

Our new member is added in Members only when the invitation is accepted.