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When a request for service modification is received how much time do we have to respond?

Learn what is notice period and how it can affect your daily operations

Last UpdatedFebruary 07, 2024

Applies to: All users 


Any user can always modify service details in any already created service.

If your modification is a "last-minute" change of future service the change is sent to the other party (buyer or seller) as a request and needs to be addressed by approval or rejection.

The last-minute period time, before the service's original scheduled time, is the Notice period and it depends on the prior negotiation between the seller and the buyer.

To know how is the Notice period set for your service, please go to the Catalogs tab and open any catalog that is of interest. 

Screenshot 2023-11-20 alle 17.29.30

You can consult the notice period if you select the tab Settings.

Screenshot 2023-11-20 alle 17.29.49

CAUTION: If your last-minute change is urgent and there is no response from the other party (buyer or seller) please call them directly.