Financial Best Practices Guide for Sellers

Issuing invoices, Reports and payouts

Last UpdatedFebruary 7, 2024

Applies to: All registered users who offer services


1. Issuing invoices

2. Reports


1. Issuing invoices

All services done during the invoice period, regardless of the buyer and location, will be invoiced in one invoice.

Invoices are to be issued to Doinn, if the buyers are prepayment users or post-payment in PT and continental ES and must be issued directly with the buyers' billing information if the buyer is a Stripe user.

The invoice will be automatically generated on the first day of the next invoice period when all the information will appear in the Invoice section.

Screenshot 2023-11-19 alle 23.15.07

The total value shown will specify if any modification was done in previous invoice periods and will be shown in Details.
Also, the whole list of services, with all items included of all services (included or deducted), dates, and other relevant information, could be seen in the Excel file, downloaded from the same place.

The invoice in PDF, where the description is resumed to the number and the type of services, should be uploaded. Doinn or the buyer will receive it automatically.

Only invoices with the same amount as the value shown in Doinn will be accepted. 

For invoices issued for Stripe users, the value shown includes any legal TAX necessary for the type of service and location so it should be recalculated when creating the invoice.
The amount will show as well Doinn´s fee should be included in the total.
You will receive the fee invoice from Doinn team and Stripe will transfer to your account the difference amount that corresponds to the work performed during the invoice period.

2. Reports

To receive the correct amounts and avoid any issues with unpaid services please make sure all services are always in Doinn.

Screenshot 2023-11-19 alle 23-22-59-png

We suggest frequent revisions that could be done by listing services in a certain period or per buyer in the Report menu. Reports can always be downloaded in Excel format and contain all the data related (dates, type of services per property, items, prices, etc.).

Please make sure to update the services daily and if there are any services created but finally not executed request cancellation through Doinn.
The buyer has to respond - to accept or refuse the request. Also, answer any possible pending requests done by buyers that could be seen at the bottom of the dashboard.

Screenshot 2023-11-19 alle 23.28.13

If any service was done but it's missing in Doinn you need to ask the buyer to create it as a request and after accept it, in order to be included in the invoice and paid.

Any modification of past, already issued and paid services will be always reflected in the next invoice period as a discount. Any services added in the previous period, already issued, will be added to the next invoice automatically.


We use Stripe to send out payments to your company. Payments are done directly to the company bank account but there is a process called “Know you customer” that exists to certify the companies are legal.
All users will go through this process by registering with stripe.

Read more on how to enable Payout in this article.