I have credit available on my account, what does that mean?

Learn how you can use the credit available and if it was already discounted.

Last UpdatedFebruary 07, 2024

Applies to: Property managers,  property owners - PRO service buyers


If you are a property manager who is buying professional services from Doinn you are being charged by the service and the cost of it is associated with the type of the service, duration, and all items added.

In case any past service or any item in the past service gets canceled (for the service that is already invoiced and charged):

  • For pre-payment users
    the credit that equals the amount of service canceled will be created in the user's profile and it will be available for use in the next purchase.
  • For post-payment users
    the amount will be discounted from the next charge and a credit note will be automatically generated to justify the difference with the already created correspondent invoice. Credit notes will be automatically sent to the indicated email set in the billing information and saved in the Invoices part of the user's profile, next to the corresponding invoice.
  • For post-payment Stripe users
    any modification of the previous period will be applied to the next period invoice.

The credit available is shown in the top right corner, close to the profile.

Screenshot 2023-11-27 alle 18-19-21-png


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