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Create Checklists

How to create a specific Checklist

Last Updated: April 12, 2023

Applies to: All users


Never miss a task! Use our tool and create all the needed checklists in order to make sure that all your instructions are followed and checked.

How to use the checklist tool

Once you are in the checklist tab, you can easily create new checklists or copy one from the Templates section and personalized it.

Let's see step by step how to use this powerful tool.

  1. New checklist    
  2. Checklist Actions - Edit, make a copy, delete
  3. My Checklists view  
  4. Checklist details    
  5. Checklists Templates 

1. New Checklist


a. Select "New checklist"


b. Choose a title

Tip: Use a title that is easily recognizable


c. Add a Section

For example all the needed actions before entering the apartment


d. Add all the needed actions per sections


e. Once done, you can save the checklist or add another section


f. Your checklist will be displayed in the tab, together with all the checklists created 

    2. Checklist Actions

    Not only you can create your personals checklists, but you can also do other actions such as edit, make a copy or delete them. It's very easy, check what you can do!

    You can access to these options by clicking the Actions menu of the chosen checklist:


    a. Edit

    Select the checklist you want to edit and these are the actions you can do: 

    • rename the checklist
    • rename, remove or add sections and items


    b. Make a copy

    Select the checklist you want to copy. You can also make all the edits needed for the new checklist

    c. Delete

    You can also delte a checklist, as shown in the image.

    3. My Checklists view


    Once created a Checklist, this will be displayed in your Checklist tab.

    You can create multiple checklists according to your needs and use it in your automatizations or when buying a single service.

    Manage them and never miss a task!

    4. My Checklists details 

    Every time you want to know the details of your checklists you can simply click on it and see all the details. As shown here you can make all the edits in order to keep your list updated. 

    5. Checklists Templates 

    You can create all the checklists needed, but in case you need for some help, you can go and check among the templates.


    a. Go the the Checklist tab


    b. Select "Templates"

    Now you can make a copy editing the sections and the items needed.

    Once done, this will be displayed in "My checklist" panel.

    Screenshot 2023-04-11 alle 16.00.09