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I deleted a service but it was generated again. How can I delete it permanently?

Learn how to manage services from Reservations in Doinn

Last Updated: February 12, 2024

Applies to: Property managers,  property owners - software users, or PRO service buyers


If you have set Automation that is generating services for each reservation if you delete manually the service it will be generated again since the reservation is still being recognized as active in the system.

If you don´t need to generate a service automatically for a particular reservation you need to block the reservation in Doinn.

To block the reservation go to the Reservation tab in Doinn.

Select the Actions menu and two options will appear: Block reservation (1) and Delete reservation (2).

Screenshot 2023-11-30 alle 15-55-38-png

If the reservation is still in the properties calendar or your PMS you can choose Block reservation. If the reservation is not in the properties calendar anymore but still appears in Doinn you can select Delete reservation. 

1. Block a reservation

2. Delete a reservation

3. I cannot block or delete my reservation

1. Block a reservation

From the action menu, select Block Reservation.

Screenshot 2023-04-12 alle 13.54.41

When blocking reservations few options to select will appear. The last option will Remove all services created for the reservation you are blocking. Therefore, it will not be created again by automation.

The Reservation will have a status Blocked and will show No services. If you finally need the service you can activate the reservation by selecting again Actions menu and the service will be generated again.

If any of these actions are not visible, please check this

2. Delete a reservation

    You can also delete the reservation and this will no longer be displayed in the list.

    If any of these actions are not visible, please check this

    3. I cannot block or delete my reservation

    The action is not possible if your service is inside the Notice Period.

    During the Notice period, a service can only be created with a Pending Status and needs to be addressed by approval or rejection by the other party.

    The last-minute period time, before the service's original scheduled time, is the Notice period and it depends on the prior negotiation between the seller and the buyer.

    To know how is the Notice period set for your service, please go to the Catalogs tab and open any catalog that is of interest. 

    If you have any urgency in this period please contact directly your team assigned to address the matter.