Doinn - Avantio integration

How to synchronize Avantio reservations and associate services for each property. It's very easy!

Last Updated: March 18 2024

Applies to: All registered users

Follow the steps to integrate Avantio!

1. Set Avantio

Get in touch with the Avantio team to get your credentials for Doinn's integration with Avantio - Request my credentials from Avantio

Screenshot 2022-12-12 at 09.02.35


2. Once you have your credentials, log in to your Doinn account 

  • click Integrations tab
  • Select Integration Center > Avantio
  • Select Activate 

Screenshot 2024-03-20 alle 10.43.03


3. Now you will have to give the integration a name and fill in the username and password fields with the information provided by Avantio


  • Select the properties whose reservations you want to synchronize with Doinn and click the save button for the integration to activate 

Screenshot 2023-04-25 alle 13.34.10Screenshot 2024-03-05 alle 10.39.04

Each new property that you add in Avantio, will be added in Doinn when the question comes "Would you like to automatically synchronize the new properties?" the recommended answer is “Yes, I want to synchronize”


4. That's it! Now you will see the activation of Avantio in the integrations center:

In a few minutes we will receive all Avantio reservations


5. Define the services to automate with correct price and duration - for Saas user

To generate the services required for your Avantio reservations, your properties need to be associated to the corresponding service catalogue

In the section Catalogues select “New Catalogue”


You have following options:

  • Catering
  • Check-in/out
  • Cleaning
  • Cleaning+Laundry
  • Cleaning+Laundry+Supply (Consumables)
  • Delivery
  • Inspection
  • Laundry
  • Laundry + Inspection
  • Maintenance
  • Management
  • Supply (Consumables)

As example, if you select Cleaning you then have the following options:

  • Price per property
  • Price per number of bedrooms
  • Price per hour or fixed price. You can also define if the duration of cleaning is fixed per property or variable.

6 - Automate services with powerful Doinn scheduling tool

Finally you are ready to create the scheduling automations based on recurrent dates or reservations from Avantio. 

Doinn has the most complete scheduling automations in the market. At the moment it is possible to create services based on reservations length, reservations number of guests, distance from previous reservation, distance to next reservation. Moreover you can use tags such as “Clean Not Required” and decide complex combinations of services during the reservations itself.


That's it!  Ready to simplify your property operations and boost your housekeeping productivity? Request now a discovery demo with Doinn team using this meeting link