1. Integrations

Doinn - Tokeet integration

How to synchronize Tokeet reservations and associate services for each property

Last Updated: April 25 2023

Applies to: All registered users

Follow the steps to integrate Tokeet!


1. Log into Doinn and click Integrations

  • click Integrations tab
  • Select Integration Center > Tokeet
  • Select Activate 


2. Activate the integration by connecting both accounts by selecting Tokeet and following the steps your system asks for

Screenshot 2022-12-13 at 08.14.38

Screenshot 2022-12-13 at 08.14.59

  • Select the properties whose reservations you want to synchronize with Doinn and click the save button to activate the integration.

Screenshot 2023-04-25 alle 13.34.10Screenshot 2022-12-12 at 09.19.58-1

Each new property that you add in Tokeet, will be added in Doinn when the question comes "Would you like to automatically synchronize the new properties?" the recommended answer is “Yes, I want to synchronize”

3.That's it! Now you will see the activation of Tokeet in the integrations center:

Screenshot 2023-04-25 alle 13.37.01-Apr-27-2023-12-34-33-2334-PM

In a few minutes we will receive all Tokeet reservations

Screenshot 2023-04-25 alle 13.37.24

4. Generate the services 

To generate the services based on with these reservations your properties need to be associated to the corresponding service catalogue

Once the catalogs are associated with your properties, you are ready to start requesting services on the agreed date