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Calculate your margins per service workers

Insights - Calculate your margins per service workers

Last UpdatedJanuary 24 2024

Applies to: All registered users providing services


Insights are relevant information and indicators prepared by Doinn to help you learn about your business and become more efficient.

This also include the performance of your employee, with data provided under the tab Perfomance.

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This section gives you data that will help you get better performance through the data. Navigate through the Period filter to analyze it during the month.

Performance data you can analyze:

  • Services duration by property

Compare the expected duration with the executed ones and manage and optimize your operations.

To use this powerful tools it's important that your workers are using the Start and Stop function! We suggest that your staff does the start/stop directly in the Doinn Operations App when executing the service. It is also possible to start and stop the services in the desktop app, but we recomend the app.

  • Margin by employee
  • Margin by customer

To be able to generate these data, it's important that the profile of each team member is set correctly and that the Hourly rate is set.

Screenshot 2024-01-24 alle 09.59.41

Check out for more information on how to add a member by reading this article