All of our integrations are authorized by PMS vendors so the process to sync will start always at your account of the designated software, in this case with Icnea you will have to start at their dashboard:

  1. Go to your Icnea account and search the management tab:

2. Click on the connections section and the left part of the menu:

3. You will now how to look at the search box for Doinn:

Note: Copy the code generated from Icnea

4. Go to your Doinn account and click on PMS Integrations:

5. Click on Icnea activate button:

6. You will now have to paste the code generated from Icnea:

7. That's all! You will now see the PMS activation like this:

Just 5 steps and you are good to go after this process your account will be updated, also take this into consideration:

  • We always sync properties, every day, at midnight, updating the existing ones and creating new ones, when needed, regardless of this setting;

  • If you don't choose automatic sync, it means that the new properties will not have their automation enabled by default, so, we will not sync reservations and consequentially will not create services;

  • These new properties, that were imported with the automation disable, can have their automation enable later manually if it’s needed.

  • If you already had properties, and then change sync to No, are not affected at all by this change, so they keep sync reservations and creating services.

If you have any issue regarding this you can email us: [email protected]

See you on your next visit 👋👋

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