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Why use automation?๐Ÿค–

In this article we want to let you know the main reasons why you as a small, medium or big property manager should use Doinn platform within your management so keep reading to find it out:

Automatic Sync

As we were saying thanks to our integrations to different property management software's you can be sure that your properties will be set up and smoothly run with all of your bookings.

This what you will get when syncing your PMS:

Automatic service confirmation.

Automatic changes of the service if a booking is scheduled for a new date.

Automatic cancellation of the service if the bookings are canceled.

All of the services are automatically managed.

Even some channel managers send us the PAX so if a property manager has different prices by occupation we send this information to the vendors, in order the vendor can dress only the necessary beds.

Best quality at a click

We fight to keep our services at higher standards that means the cleaning companies higher through our platform have been vetted and reviewed in order to be part of Doinn team.

And you have access to all of it at just a couple of clicks, we have increased our protocols during the services to keep your rental SAFE.

And we all so have several services all of them certified and adapted to the new protocols against coronavirus according to the competent authorities: World Health Organization, Airbnb enhance cleaning, ICTE, Clean & Safe, POSI, and CDC and with some extras derived from our long experience in the sector.

**All in one platform:**

So let's say you live in one city but have 5 different flats on the coast or in another country we bet is a pretty hectic thing to do be on top of all your bookings to have them cleaned.

With our software, you can ask for services in different cities for every booking by sync all of your properties iCal or PMS into our platform and even get high priority on properties that have exit and entering in the same day.

Not only that but Doinn will be your all in one even to communicate anything to your services by leaving a note in case you require an extra task (Like making a sofabed or leaving an extra towel for the guests) ๐Ÿ˜‰

Try our platform and join to the Doinn revolution! ๐Ÿค“๐Ÿค“

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Updated on: 31/03/2022

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