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Why use a PMS integration with Doinn ⚙️

Doinn is a platform made for and thinking about: how to make property owners or managers' lives easier. This being said, we have developed a port to connect some of the most used property management platforms as easily as you can imagine.

Allowing your calendars to be consolidated in one app and make your cleaning easier!

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We would always suggest you add your current PMS software to your doinn account, what will this look like? Check it out:

Usually, property managers or owners have software to navigate through their bookings and make this process easier for them and the guests.

Our software has been developed thinking about this and it allows us to pair with the best options in the market such as Avantio, BookingSync, Guesty, Hostway, among others.

Hold up! I know what you are thinking now, and we promise it would not be complicated. It would totally be worth it adding up your PMS will allow you to automatically set up services according to your booking calendar.

_Note: If there is an error on your calendar or the guest is a NO SHOW you can always come to the Doinn platform a book the service for those dates 😃_

Thanks to our global expansion you can make requests for services in all of the cities you have your rentals making easier your cleaning management by having it all in one place.

Check the other articles to find your PMS and get your calendar sync!

See you at the next chapter 👋👋

Updated on: 31/03/2022

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