Doinn is an complete software to manage your services, employees and business. The technology bridge between professional cleaning companies and property managers.

If you want to start in vacation rental industry this your chance!

Cleaning companies, receive a high-performance software to manage your services, assign jobs, create a staff and even communicate with your teams INSIDE THE SAME PLATFORM!

One platform in multiple devices

1. Get more Sales - Increase your revenue:

We are opening markets! If you have a regional or global operation this is for you!

At Doinn we crave more business and get into as many cities as we can to spread our Doinner way and partners can focus on what is really important.

Either you operate in multiple cities or not, with Doinn you'll reach more clients without the need to invest in advertising or extra costs! By using our platform, you are broadening your sales goals πŸ’ͺ

Keep in mind we evaluate companies that have: Good quality service, Experience with these services, Willing to accept orders made 48 hours in advance, Laundry services are not a must but certainly an interesting option.

2. Become More Efficiency - Embrace the future and have FREE access to a digital transformation.

We provide a very complete FREE software including all services we send you.

For us, technology is crucial to improve organization and communication. You must be ready to embrace digital reality.

It's super important to communicate better and reduce the time on the phone with the staff. We even provide you a cleaners app to optimize the work.

3. Automate repetitive tasks and save up to 20h/week. Boost productivity with Doinn software.

Start automating your staff management with real-time operational notifications. Get helpful metrics and jobs. Focus on your core business (e.g service quality, training)

Our goal is that you can organize and plan your staff jobs 5x faster ⚑ If next day scheduling takes a long time then let's work together to solve those problems.

Our team and time management tools will simplify that!

4. Cash Flow and Profitability - Stop wasting time and money

Cash flow and profitability are really important and a must-have! Doinn makes customers' payments much simpler allowing many different automated payment methods.

We understand collection issues are probably one of the biggest headaches. Our platform helps with this part as well.

Get into it and start today!

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