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What's new on Doinn vendors operations app!

Check out Doinn's features and updates for vendors this last 2021!

We are so excited to share this new collection!

You know we like to pamper our dear vendors πŸ₯°

So we have decided to do a whole new section to share all of our newest features as soon as they come out of the oven!

Don't miss any of the work we continuously do to on our platform and our mobile app.

Here you can see all the updates made the last year 2021:

Updates september 2021

A single communication channel

Today is the perfect day to start using the Doinn app as the only channel of communications!

Want to know why?

Now every registered user, no matter how he has been registered (business owner guests, vendor coordinator, employee, etc.), will have available chat with the Doinn support team.

So if something happens anybody would be able to open a chat and let us know so our dedicated team can help you 🀩

Also, the hosts and property managers now are able to directly to communicate with the vendor's staff team directly from the services!

Another really cool thing now is that the owners and property managers can click on a chat request directly from their services details!

Which of course would make the communications with the cleaning teams even smoother!

New notifications

Of course, we also have updates on vendor notifications! Here are some of them!

New job for you!

New General note!

Service update!

It would something like this:

Now also if the cleaning team makes any changes to the estimated time of the job the property manager or owner will be notified!

This would take some of the communications hassles we used to have: making a lot of calls or messages to inform the owners!

Now manager would have a quick message like this:

Is great, right?

Doinn team is really taking seriously to make cleaning companies take the next steps to the digitalization era πŸ’ͺ🏻

Upgrades october 2021

Creating profiles for employees

Now with Doinn vendor operations app, you are able to create different roles for your employees.

Let's say you have different cleaning crews, groups of 4 and in order to get everything organized, you have Adriana which is the supervisor.

To create her profile you will have to follow these steps:

Go to your Doinn vendor operations app and click on the people’s tab

Click the add button on the right bottom and add all the details!

Check this quick video:

Having your cleaning staff divided like this would absolutely make your organization's processes easier!

Take into consideration the main reasons for these 2 roles:

Supervisors can see all services (not the financial aspects) but they would be able to coordinate tasks between employees

On the other hand, employees will then see the tasks assigned to them.

Let us know how you think about it 🀩

Job Summary

If you have used our app before you will know that a job summary is a critical resource for us.

Basically, the summary gives feedback to the owners and property managers about the service.

Some tips to build the job summary:

Make sure the cleaning staff has the photos already shot before clicking the FINISH button on the service.

Cleaners can upload up to 10 photos.

Right now videos are not supported.

A cleaner can end the job service without having to upload photos but we strongly recommend it to compare in case of future claims.

Keep in mind the supported format for the photos are jpg, jpeg, png, webp.

Note: If you are adding an extra it is mandatory to add photos to explain why these extra were needed during the duration of the service.

Please remember to share this information with your staff as the idea is for the whole team to know they have these tools available!

Updates november 2021

Insights Dashboard - DESKTOP VERSION ONLY

We've gotten together and thought about all the interesting metrics for you and now you can see them directly on your dashboard!

You just have to go to the new Insights tab! πŸ‘‡

And you will then be able to see:

Services by status

Services per city

Services per employee

Services per client

This will of course help you manage your day to day business πŸ˜ƒ

Filtering services list

Now vendors are able to search by properties name and address when filtering the services' list. How? Follow these steps:

Go to services tab

Click on filters

Scroll down to the properties slot and choose the one you will like to check out!

Push notification for the next day services

Now every vendor, supervisor, or employee will receive notification making sure the cleaning team is informed of the number of services they have on the following day.

Just like this:

Rocking news right? We hope they are indeed helpful when working with Doinn platform & app!

If you need more help on how to download the Doinn vendor app please click on the button below:

Download Doinn vendor app

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See you next time πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹

Updated on: 31/03/2022

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