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User guide for service providers in Doinn operations center

Welcome new service provider!

Hello partner!

If you are here it means you are ready to transform your day-to-day operations! As you might know Doinn created an all in one platform, especially built for provider companies.

This technology is meant to help customers and service providers to automate the property operations with an easy approach that will simplify all the internal organization of your company.

There are 3 main sections to cover in this article about the Doinn operations center correctly.

Set up your organization inside Doinn operations center

Doinn operations service providers best practices

Troubleshooting for service providers in operations center

Please read below and follow all the steps, do not miss any of them. Loosing one step might mean something going wrong later on the performance of this platform.

Let's start!

Set up your organization inside Doinn operations center

Today we will show you the five main elements that take place inside the Doinn platform.

WHAT = Catalogues

WHERE = Property locations

HOW = Using a Doinn checklist!

WHO = Who will perform the service

WHEN = Date and time for the service

Why do we need these elements? Well the combination of all them together make possible to add an automation inside the customer profile. Which will translate on having automatic services on specific properties with the rules you want (checklist) and at the date and time set up.

For the service provider, here there are 2 main elements that have to be performed by the service providers so let's do this!

WHAT = Catalogues

The first important element for service providers are the catalogues. But what is a catalogue?

A catalogue is a price list that you define for your customers. It can be one catalogue for different cities or an individual catalogue for a customer and share it with them.

You will have to create different catalogues for each type of category. For example, one catalogue for cleanings that includes: turnover cleaning and another one for: deep cleaning, laundry, linen rental, pool cleaning, snow removal, etc.

These are the current draft categories inside Doinn operations center:

Laundry and Linen rental

Of course the ultimate goal is to have as much as the service providers are using so we are adding more all the time! And Doinn allows you to use pre-defined templates and set up custom prices for each service.

How to create a catalogue?

Check this video to understand how to create a catalogue easily. See video.

Follow these steps:

Go to the service catalogue section:

You will see 3 tabs:

My catalogues: your lists made by your team for your customers.
Shared with me: Catalogues that are shared by other vendors with you. (In case you work with other vendors, if not disregard)
Templates: Doinn templates for catalogues, examples to help you make your own.

Something like this:

To create a catalogue you have to click on templates:

Look for the template you would like to use as a draft:

After selecting a template and making a copy, you will see a success status in green and be redirected to the My catalogues tab:

Search for the catalogue that you just copied and now you can make all the changes you need.

How to update my catalogue?

Now that you've copied your catalogue you are allowed to make all the changes you might need and with the tabs inside the catalogue, keep reading to know how it can be updated.

Catalogue - Services

This screen is a calculator, add a base hourly rate and it will calculate all the remaining cells:

If you do not wish to be calculated you can add one by one each price but we strongly advice to use the calculator.

Catalogue - Customers

Here you will be able to see all the customer you've shared this price list with, in this case looks empty because it has not been shared.

Catalogue - Settings

This screen refers to which rules will this catalogue have:

Notice period:

Refers to the amount oh hours your team needs in advanced for a service to be purchased from your customers. Default time in the platform is 24 hours.

Why is this useful?

You can have different timeframes depending on the category of the catalogue. For example, you can create a catalogue named: Emergency services and charged 30% more and leave the service period as 3 hours it would give your customers an option when they have this out of nowhere services.

Business hours:

Add the working hours of your team for each catalogue.

Country and city:

Add the cities where this catalogue is going to be available in, it is very important to don't forget this step for the pricing list to appear properly on the buyer profile.

If the catalogue is valid for the whole country you can leave it but keep in mind if you need it to be more specific you should add the city.

And remember after any performed changed you will see the green box below, once the changes are confirmed!

Note: You will not be able to change the country. If you need to have service for other countries you will need to create another account. Talk to us at [email protected] if you need help with this.

What to do after creating a catalogue?

Creating a catalogue is the way for you to share your current price list with your customers. So after creating the catalogue you will be able to share it with your customers.

How to share a catalogue?

In order for the your customers to buy services through Doinn's platform from you, the next step would be to share the catalogue you created.

Go to the catalogue you want to share and look for the actions menu:

Look for the option in the menu: Share with customers.

Insert customer's email and send the invitation! (You can send multiple emails at the same time just click on add another email)

After sharing the catalogues you can see the invitation status, inside the catalogue on the customer’s tab, just like this:

After inviting a customer, they would have to sign up to the Doinn platform to buy services from you. Remember to share this special guide for them. Userguide for customers.

Note: It is really important that customers are not previously registered on the Doinn platform as we are still migrating accounts from the previous platform so make sure that your invited customers do not have a Doinn account on the email you are using.

WHERE = Property locations

In Doinn the property plays a BIG and important role. Specially for the process of creating the automations, properties are always created by the owners or managers and these are the options they have:

Adding properties through PMS integrations:

Doinn has over 12 PMS partnerships with top vacation rental software in which these integrations work through API and you can check all about the current integrations here.

After connecting the PMS and Doinn account of the customers the properties will be created in process and the bookings will start getting to the platform to create turnover services automatically.

You will also be able to ON/OFF the automatic sync of these properties inside the integration.

Manually adding one property at a time.

Inside the customer account they are able to create properties one by one:

This users are also able to add an iCal link if one is available, we strungly suggest to do it so we can collect bookings and turn them into turnovers as well.

Bulk import

For bulk import, users can click the new property menu and look for bulk import. It will pop out a screen like this:

After downloading the file, customer just has to fill out the information and upload again!

And that's all we also advice to this users to add the iCals for the automations process to work perfectly.

HOW = Using a Doinn checklist!

The checklist is how the tasks in the services should be performed, of course there would be a different checklist per type of service.

A checklist responsible is the owner or property manager. It allows cleaner's staff to follow a protocol and make them follow specific steps to avoid any damages to properties or missing any important spot.

Customer would be able to share the checklist when they create the automation and it would be tied to the service when the cleaner opens it in the app.

This will allow property managers to ensure they get all details where the services are performed. The checklists would be related to the service agreement discussed with the service providers, it should NOT include any extras as extras should be charged aside.

This is how a checklist can look like:

WHO = Who will perform the service

This element is people. People inside Doinn platform refers to all involved in the company: staff, teams, departments, franchisees, supervisors, operations managers, etc.

And especially in this part of the setup of your company, because when you get the services from your buyers, assigning services to the staff is the best way to track and organize your workloads.

So go to the People section to create your staff and manage it.

Members: all people in the team.
Teams: To group people you need one team.
Providers: If you need to add any outsourced providers here you can add them to collaborate with you on the Doinn platform.
Pending tab: This one is really easy you can check out

Check out this video to understand how to add members and manage the teams.

WHEN = Date and time for the service

The final element is the calendar with services dates. With the Doinn platform, you can control the number of services, dates, and times where they have to be performed. Even if some of your customers are not from Doinn network of property managers.

Remember you would only need to invite them through a catalogue. If you forgot check again, how to create a catalogue here.

You can check all the services up to 30 days calendar in the services tab:

What can I do in the services tab?

You will be able to assign services if you haven't done it or click in any service to see the details, this is the same dashboard you will see on the Doinn app.

Doinn operations service providers best practices

This part is really useful, we want you to follow on specific steps so you avoid loosing any important piece of information for the Doinn platform.

So here are some things you might want to consider:

Right now the Doinn platforms allow you to get the following categories inthe catalogues:

Cleaning + Laundry
Check in/ Check out

If you need a category that is not created please talk to your Doinn point of contact in order to develop a new category if it is necessary

Think about how many catalogues do you need, take a moment to organize your services and understand how many catalogues do you need by city or per customer. It would be an easy thing to do, like an excel file for example:

Note: After having this type of arrangement you can have different catalogues for the same customer, remember Doinn prices will depend on type of accomodation, bed and time of the service in order to calculate the correct price you need.

Have in mind you can also have a catalogue per customer if you manage different prices for them:

Be aware that the pricing in the catalogues DO NOT include VAT or IVA taxes, every month when you are billing your customer you would have to add the taxes in their bill.

In order for your customers to buy, YOU HAVE TO: share a catalogue. If you don't share it there is no way the customer can acquire a service.

Troubleshooting for service providers in operations center

What if a customer can't see my shared catalogue?

You will need to make sure the customer you are inviting DOES NOT has a previous Doinn account. Right now the old Doinn users are starting to be migrated to the new platform. So we strongly advice to your customers to create the Doinn account with a new email if they have used Doinn previously.

What if a customer can not create a manual service?

Remember when we are setting up the catalogue there is a service period, like this:

If you need this to be less time you can always change it and actually even put a higher price to last minute services, but be sure to talk this with your customers previously.

How can a customer message the team?

Remember it is important to assign the services to a cleaner, not only because you will be able to control your services better but also when a customer wants to talk to a cleaner because of a service our system will send the message to the proper cleaner:

Thanks for your time, be sure to save this article and keep it near to your operations team!

Always remember if you need help you can always shoot a message to our team: [email protected]

See you next time! 👋🏻👋🏻

Updated on: 20/05/2022

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