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User guide for invited customers in Doinn operations center

Welcome new customer😃!

Hi dear friend!

If you are here it means you have been invited by a TOP vendor to change the way to manage your property operations. If you didn't know Doinn created an all in one platform, especially built for provider companies to manage and automate services from short term rental or any type of rental accomodations.

This technology is meant to help customers and service providers to automate the property operations with an easy approach that will simplify all the internal organization of your company.

There are 2 main sections to cover in this article about the Doinn operations center correctly.

How to set up automations in Doinn operations center

Doinn operations best practices for customers

Please read below and follow all the steps, do not miss any of them. Loosing one step might mean something going wrong later on the performance of this platform.

Let's start!

How to set up automations in Doinn operations center

Today we will show you the five main elements that take place inside the Doinn platform.

WHAT = Catalogues

WHERE = Property locations

HOW = Using a Doinn checklist!

WHO = Who will perform the service

WHEN = Date and time for the service

Why do we need these elements? Well the combination of all them together make possible to add an automation inside your profile. Which will translate on having automatic services on specific properties with the rules you want (checklist) and at the date and time set up.

What? You as a property manager are a fundamental part of this process. A catalogue will be shared with you. This part is strictly handled by the provider, if you wish to take a look deeper to some asset inside the catalogue you will have to discuss it with the servide provider.

Where? Then you will have to add your properties to your profile. (This is a customer task)

How? Link the profiles to a checklist and a type of service through the automations! (This is a customer task)

Who? After making the automations and having services created on your account, you will be able to see who is assigned to your services.This part is strictly handled by the provider, for example if you wish to have the same cleaner in one property you can always ask the provider and we are sure they will be happy to do it.

And finally When? The service would have the exact date and time when your service is done. (This is a customer task:) You will be able to select

These five elements are the key to using the new Doinn solution and we show you how to set them up and get your operations to the next level!

Let's start!

How to see the shared catalogue?

First of all, check your inbox. You will get an email similar to this from the Doinn team:

Create your account:

Note: Remember if you have a Doinn account you will have to create

Go to service catalogues and check the “Shared with me” tab. You should be able to see the catalogue the provider shared with you.

That's it, you can now follow the upcoming steps! 😉

WHERE = Property locations

Properties are the fundamental part when you are setting up your account and there are 3 ways to get properties on your account we will check them all:

With PMS integrations.

Manually adding one property

Bulk import

Get properties from a PMS integration

With PMS integrations

If you have a PMS account to be integrated with Doinn you will only have to get to the integrations center:

And then click on the integration you will like to add and just add your credentials:

What to do after putting in my credentials?

You will be able to add the properties from your profile and activate the automatic syn for new properties.

Manually adding one property

Follow these steps to start:

Go to the properties section, then click on one property.

Add all the details of the property and save. Remember to add an iCal in order to automate the services.

Bulk import

Go to properties section and click on bulk import:

You will then see this screen and be able to download the template:

Fill the template with all the information from your customer properties like this:

Go to the open selected bulk import and upload the file:

If everything is okay you should see the new imported properties on your property section:

HOW = Using a Doinn checklist!

The checklist is where "specfic tasks" for the different services are defined. It allows the provider cleaning team to follow protocols and make the staff follow specific steps to avoid losing anything.

How to create a new checklist?

Just go to the checklist section and click on new checklist:

Add the title and all of the parts related to your checklist:

That's it, after creating a checklist you will be able to add them in an automation.

You can also check this video! CHECK VIDEO

This will allow you to ensure the cleaning team get all details where the services are performed. Also, remember Doinn allows you to use predefined templates. Templates can be from Doinn or you can copy-paste another one you like or have on your company documents.

How to set up automations in Doinn operations center

Go to this video to watch LIVE all steps to create your automation. See video.

Go to automations tab, go to the automations centre:

Click on the type of service automation you will like to add.

Note: The service type or category would be the ones shared by your service provider.

Click on the add to board button, and you will then have to fill out all the respective fields:

Fill in all the required boxes: Service provider, the catalogue, choose a checklist, and add one or more properties for your automation.

Last but not least choose the schedule based type for the automation. The options are:

Based on reservation: which means whenever we get a booking from your PMS or an iCal link, you can select if the service should happen during the check-in date or the check out. You can also add: if you want it to have a time difference, like 1 hour before the check-in or 2 hours after the check-out, for example.

Based on recurrence: which means you would like the service to be repeated based on a frequency, like weekly, biweekly, monthly, etc.

Note: Please be advised that the only way to activate an automation based on Reservation is if you have an iCal or integration active. If not, you can only create an automation based on Recurrence.

Remember to follow each one of these steps to get your account up and running.

Doinn operations best practices for customers

It is very important to not use an email account which was previously in Doinn, the new operations center should be used by new email accounts. If you have a previous Doinn account please use a new email for the operations center.

Make sure you are choosing the correct catalogue and service for the automations, with this new way of working you will be setting up all for your services so you have to choose all the right elements.

Automations will be created automatically by the number of bookings you receive. Have in mind they will be available on your services dashboard and you will also receive an email with the services details.

If you are not able to see an automation is because a service provider has not shared any catalogue. Please be sure to follow all the previously explained steps.

Every one of these steps is crucial to making your operations work smarter!

That’s all for now if you have any questions please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

Updated on: 20/05/2022

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