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Upload your vendor invoices 📈

Steps to check on how to upload your invoices and how to manage them

Greetings on getting your firsts services on Doinn platform 👏👏👏 Or maybe you are just checking this to refresh the info because of the last invoice.

Every month you will have to upload an invoice with all of your billing and details regarding the services performed on those dates.

1. Go to your invoices tab:

2. Check on the details of your last month services:

Note: You will have to check the dates to upload invoices per property or per customer.

You can also click on download and we will send you a report on an excel file for your reviewal.

Once you have uploaded your invoice we will start the payment process to your respective account details.

How to invoice if I use stripe?

So if the payment is through stripe, you as a vendor will have to issue invoices directly to the host, including the Doinn's fee.

Instead of Doinn billing details, in the same place will appear Hosts details.

When you create the invoice it should be uploaded in the same invoice tab, so we get notifications and forward it to the host.

Doinn will also issue the invoice with our fee amount to the vendor. Including the VAT charges (So take it into consideration when making the invoice)

We hope these notes have helped you, see you in the next chapter 👋👋

Updated on: 31/03/2022

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