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Setup vendor payments 💳

Doinn uses stripe platform, please be sure to set it up when creating your vendor account

If you didn't know we are crazy about tech, so we partner up with an awesome payment platform stripe they are an international service and it works beautifully.

In case you agree to work with them please follow these steps in order to set up your account.

We believe that this action will support our future growth as business partners and we appreciate the time and effort you put into this step.

Now, let’s get to work!

1.Login to your Doinn account and you should be able to see

2. After clicking more info you can check out some details on why it's important that you setup your account:

Note: Please note if you agree to work through stripe and do not set up your Stripe account, your Doinn account won't be approved until this process has been made.

3. After clicking do it now, you'll be redirected to stripe's web to start the enrollment:

4. You should receive a verification code for the mobile number you have indicated. Please, fill it in as shown below.

5. Now we are getting into business, proceed to fill in your business data in your Stripe account.

The classics: Name of your company (as registered), your business address, registration number, and website if applicable. You will also need to identify yourself and your position within the company. To complete all the information you will have all the steps indicated in the form.

6. Now fill in your bank account number in the IBAN format to enable money transfers.

7. We advise you to check your status and confirm whether there is additional information required missing or not.

Stripe might ask you to upload your ID scan as the company’s director or as a person with significant control (PSC).

8. Now your Doinn dashboard will have a message: “Waiting for approval” - as we will have to wait on Stripe's approval in order to start sending you services.

A notification will appear in the upper part of the website until the information you have validated by Stripe.

As you can see it's a very easy process you just invest a couple of minutes filling all the requested fields.

Most of the time the stripe account are approved at the earliest but in other cases, they will contact you directly for more information in order to get vetted.

Still, if you have any questions go to stripe's support center here.

And if you want to ask us about anything about this process or have an issue contact us at [email protected]

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Updated on: 31/03/2022

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