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Set up your iCal and automate with Doinn πŸ“…

Transform your bookings into turnover cleanings and laundry services!

This is what we think about adding your iCal's to your doinn account it's an amazing way to join your software and make your life way easier.

This option is available if you use Airbnb, AvaiBook, Smoobu, or any other booking platform that gives you an iCal URL, so be sure to follow these steps:

Just for your knowledge, some software like Avaibook even synchronizes the check-in and check-out time. Great, right?

Please remember in order to update your iCal you would have to create your property manually like shown in this other article.

We will explain in this case synchronization from an Airbnb iCal but you can check our integrations sections for other properties platforms 😊 (Like smoobu for example)

1. Get into your Airbnb account and find the availability tab it should look like this:*

Note: You can check for our integrations section to other platforms and find the iCal URL.

2. Once you have the correct listing you want to extract the calendar click on availability and next on the export calendar:

3. After doing that you should have an URL like this one:

Note: Copy the property iCal URL.

4. Log in to your Doinn account and go to the properties tab:

Note: Properties will have an incomplete message on the automation section if it has NOT been set up.

5. Find the property that you want to update:

6. Now you can choose all the services options you want to enable for the property: type of cleanings, etc.

7. BeforURLe saving changes you will see the iCal box to paste the URL you took from Airbnb:

8. After pasting your iCal URL you can now be sure your property will be sync with your calendar, this means you will have those services selected on your bookings made through Airbnb:

9. Go to the reservations tab and hit sync!

You will now be GOOD TO GO! πŸŽ†πŸŽ†

Please take these notes into consideration when setting your iCal:

If you are working with a Channel manager is better that you synchronize the ical of your channel manager, not the Airbnb iCal.

The Airbnb iCal only sends the booking which was made in Airbnb, if you have synchronizations between Airbnb and Booking or any platform using iCal's, we will only receive the booking from Airbnb, as this is the URL you share with us we would not get the bookings made in other platforms.

If you block any dates on Airbnb for any reason and it is not a booking we are going to receive this information so you must block the service in Doinn if you donΒ΄t need the cleaning.

If you need to delete a booking like the last example or you have a NO show you can come to Doinn platform and disable the future service with the error. Check here how to do it.

And that's all! You are done! If you have any other questions keep reading the Doinner host section πŸ€“

Airbnb photo credits to Airbnb Community

See you in the next articles πŸ˜‰πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹

Updated on: 09/05/2022

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