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New Doinn host app updates & Releases

Check out Doinn's features and updates for vendors this last 2021!

We are so excited to share this new collection!

In Doinn we've decided to do a whole new section to share all of our newest features as soon as they come out of the oven!

So you don't miss any of the work we continuously do to improve our platform and our mobile app.

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September 2021

New notifications

For hosts this is one important fact, so one really cool thing about our top new app is that now you will receive notifications on different situations such as:

A job has been Started!

A Job has been Finished!

A new job summary is available!

And it would look like this:

If you have work with us for a while now you know one of the most important things is to inform when the property is guest-ready.

That is why we have outdone ourselves with this one!

Now a property manager or host can know directly from the app when the vendor fills the job summary which as you know is the last step for completing a service!

Not only that but you will also be aware if a vendor changes the estimated time of a job.

Messaging app 2.0

So if you have never tried on our messaging system now is the perfect moment, now every host directly from the service details with a button that opens a direct chat with their respective cleaning team.

Also, you can now communicate internally with the Doinn support team directly from the app! Isn't that great? Check out this example:

You can also take a look to this video:

October 2021

What is a job summary?

A job summary is complete feedback of EVERY service a property manager requests through to the Doinn platform.

The purpose of this feature is to keep a transparent communication with Doinn parties, our property managers, and our partner suppliers.

Every Doinn service comes with a job summary after finished.

How does a job summary gets filled?

The job summary gets filled by the cleaner assigned by the vendor to your service.

They have the opportunity to send photos and notes to you in order to inform any error or defect.

You will have the opportunity to check out all details the cleaner will leave at this stage.

In case you want to discuss anything further on, you can start a conversation through the service if needed.

Why is important to review the job summary?

A job summary is a tool for cleaners to finish services and provide full details to property managers.

Through the job summary, you get all details about how the service went on your property as well as adding any specific note if necessary.

Have in mind if there are ANY extras added from cleaners they would be obligated to upload photos and evidence of why these extras are needed.

You will have an email in your inbox with the extra's information.

Get photos added to see how the property looks like saving you from having to go there physically for an inspection 😜

If you need to have more info about how to download the Doinn app for shots give a look at this article:

How to install Doinn app for hosts

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Updated on: 31/03/2022

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