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Manage your staff at a glance 🤼

Manage your team more efficiently with Doinn

Dear Doinner vendor, when you met Doinn I bet you didn't know we were the apple of your eye 😉

Of course, we won't only give you new customers at ZERO cost for your company but also you will have a top-of-the-line software platform to handle some of the top matters of your business management.

One of these awesome features is people's management. Thanks to our platform you will be able to create teams, individuals and manage their tasks.

On the other hand, cleaners will have access to a very cool app in which they will receive their assigned services and would make it easier for them to know where to go and have in hand all of the information.

We have all of those tips in this article.

Create profile for employees/cleaners

1.In order to start your staff management through Doinn software go to the Staff tab:

2. Then just click on +Add and fill in the info for each cleaner:

Add as many cleaners as you want. If you want to edit any of them just click on the name you want to update.

How can I create a team of cleaners?

Let's say you have a service for a big condo house or villa to clean, you might need to add a complete team to do those cleanings or just have them assigned permanently to those types of properties.

1. Just go to teams and click add:

2. Choose a team name and add the people to the team:

Your new team is ready! If you have to update it, the same just click on the team 😄

Can I assign a cleaner permanently to a property?

The answer is yes 👌 When receiving a service you should get used to assigning the service Why? well, it would essentially help you in case you want to follow up with a cleaner's schedule, or even if there is a claim the cleaner can be questioned about a certain situation.

Basically, you will keep everything under control, to do this follow these steps:

1. Go to your properties tab:

2. Add an employee to the property you wish to assign permanently:

3. Your employee will now be permanently assigned to the property and you can change it whenever you want:

All of these tools will absolutely help you to run your business as easily as it can be!

We hope these notes have helped you, see you in the next chapter 👋👋

Updated on: 31/03/2022

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