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Manage your services 🧽

As a Doinn vendor you have to know everything about providing services:

When we say that you get new customers at ZERO cost it's incredible we know.

Our project started because we are active short-term rental users and we understand the need of having a clean and organized environment when renting.

This is exactly what we want you to be worried about as well, remember behind our platform there is a property manager concerned about giving their guests a 100% excellent experience on their properties.

After clearing this out, let's get into the main issue of this article: Services.

Our software will allow you to be able to see in real-time requests of services in various locations for that please direct yourself to the Services tab.

How can I check my services?

At your services tab, you will be able of checking all of your services for the day and also for custom periods of time.

What is dispatch View?

On dispatch view, you will be able to drag and drop the pending services to be assigned it would look like this:

Each service represents a box, move them accordingly to what your staff should take care of.

How can I prioritize services?

When opening your services tab there are two color bullets on the top right corner, just like these ones:

If you have an urgent service it would be highlighted on your list of the day so you can arrange it with your team and prioritize the service

Why assign a person to a service?

One of our features is allowing you as a cleaning partner to manage your team through our platform.

When having various services it would be very beneficial to know who would work each rental in case you have to follow up or make a note on the service.

Just click on where it says Add employee:

Select the staff member you want to perform that service:

That is why we strongly encourage you to assign the services, check this article in order to learn more about managing your staff with Doinn.

When to use a note on a service?

Notes are very useful for cleaners staff members it allows them to get an extra task that is not specified on service, for example: changing a damaged coffee machine or setting up a sofabed on the rental property.

Follow these steps to do so:

Go to the service you need to add a note to:

2. Click on it and go to add a note:

3. Hit save and now the notes will be visible on the details of the service:

We believe notes would absolutely be your life saver moving forward 😃

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Updated on: 31/03/2022

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