Welcome! If you got here is because you are ready to be part of Doinn vendors!

In Doinn we are committed to giving our property manager the best service there is. At the same time, you will now have an amazing tool to manage your day-to-day business a step further and be more efficient.

These quick account basics will walk you through every step into getting all your information read to get your services as soon as possible! Then you can focus on what really matters πŸ’ͺ

Terms of use and privacy policy πŸ“‹: For us is more than important for you to understand how we work so take the time to review your agreement with Doinn.

Setup vendor payments πŸ’³: Remember our platform uses a stripe as so learn how to enroll in their webpage.

Vendors Dashboard πŸ–₯️: Check out all the details on your dashboard screen here.

Changes to your vendors account πŸ“‘: All the steps to get your Doinn account ready for services.

Manage your services 🧽: Learn all you have to know about providing services.

Manage your staff at a glance 🀼: Doinn will make your job assignments so much easier.

Message instantly to your staff πŸ’¬: Send messages to your employees they will receive it in Doinn app!

Doinn reports for vendors πŸ“Š: Reports made especially for Doinn vendors

Invoicing for vendors: 🧾 Want to be on top of your services? See how to upload your invoices here!

Do not miss anything with Doinn appπŸ“±: Learn how to download and use the Doinn assistant app! For you as coordinator and your staff too!

If you are new to Doinn you must know as soon as you create your account these are the main steps you need to follow in order to use the platform and get the most out of it.

Remember we have an amazing support team so if you have any issues please feel free to check our help center categories also our webchat who will submit an incident to our team if you need it to.

If you encounter any issues please contact us at [[emailΒ protected]](/cdn-cgi/l/email-protection#99eaece9e9f6ebedd9fdf6f0f7f7b7faf6) if it's urgent call these phones numbers:

ES +34 919 01 82 01

US +1 470-215-0669

PT +351 308 805 604

UK +44 330 808 1246

Latam +52 (1) 33 1293-2038

See you in the next chapter πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹
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