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Installing Doinn app for hosts 📱

Discover all about the doin app and how to track your team and services

Hello hello! We are back with you sharing the insights on our updated app!

If you haven't downloaded it This is the right time to do it!

Our app is now available on the Android and iPhone marketplace.

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Now! In this article, we summarize what you can do with the host app. Let's get into it!

Once you put in your credentials, you'll be able to see pending services with their details and instructions, click on any to display the info:

You can also check on notifications from all your ongoing services in real-time, like this:

Color-coded status for services:

You will know what's going on with your services and when your property is guest-ready thanks to this color-coded status.

It will look like this:

The colors refer to a specific status:

Purple: Service is confirmed by the vendor but the cleaning staff is not yet on the property.

Blue: Service is been started and performed on the property.

Green: Service is finished on the property.

Thanks to this real-time confirmation the cleaners finish cleaning and they updated their operations app allowing the hosts and property managers to know when the rental is ready to receive the guests 😜


We've also improved the filters you can now filter on your dashboard:

You can check any of the following:


Services with notes

Type of the property

Status of the services

And others, the filters will help you locate some service you are interested in.

We know it's awesome 😏 Even for checking upcoming services, you can use the filter and it will allow you to see any future services.


We always talk about notes because we love them ❤️

Also, we consider it a very valuable tool to share with the cleaner's staff.

In which cases can you use this?

If you need to provide any extra instruction to the cleaner. For example: remember to put it on the sofa bed with sheets and towels.

If a guest forgot some item inside the property. Example: Please keep the watch the guest left behind.

And how do you do it?

Just go to the service on the property you wish to give a message. Click on the service and after a click on "Add note".

You will see a screen like this one.

You can now add notes or maybe review the notes left by a cleaner previously.

The cleaners can use this feature for cases such as:

The guest forgot any items.

An item has been damaged as a coffee machine or a lamp.

Leave pictures after the service.

Or anything else the cleaner's staff wants to share 😃


You can see all of your properties created into your Doinn account and where did it come from: iCAl, PMS or manual upload. Just like this:

Real-time messaging

We've developed an amazing WhatsApp look alike messaging app for property managers to communicate with the cleaning team when they are doing a service.

You would be able to chat with the cleaner assigned to your service!!!

Hope this is as helpful for you as we think it is! 😉

We'll be back with more updates as soon as we have some in the meantime enjoy using our great app when using your Doinn account 📝

Can I buy services through this app?

We hear you 😔 and we are adding new features in the upcoming months so at this point for now it's not possible to make orders/payments of services through the App!

Can I communicate through this app?

The answer is of course YES! Thanks to our platform you will be able to have information not only on what's going on in your properties with our messaging options but also with the notes.

[Check this article here to see more on real-time messages and notes.](

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We hope these notes have helped, see you in the next chapter 👋👋

Updated on: 31/03/2022

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