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Important facts in Doinn πŸ“Œ

Welcome! We are so happy to have you hereπŸ˜‰

You know here in Doinn we love to give you as much information as possible so here are some of the most common questions about us: Who are we, where can you use our services and how can I join πŸ˜ƒ

Who are we?

For our CEO Noelia, love for the short-term industry started back in 2013. She and her family constantly moving between different countries make her understand the need of customers to have a professional cleaning service and even the option to upgrade for repeating users of a specific short-term property.

After a deep study of the market, Doinn was launched in May 2015 in Lisbon, Portugal. And now services are available in more than 600 cities across the USA, Mexico, Dominican Republic, UK, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, and others.

How does Doinn innovate the market?

We are giving guests a 5-star experience. Doinn is all the help you ever needed.

We bring local accommodation owners or managers in touch with the best cleaning and laundry services. To do this we use a thorough, unique professional platform developed by us and that can be partnered with some of the best PMS software in the industry.

**You can check our possible integrations here.**

Where can you use our services?

Doinn is currently available in more than 600 cities within Europe and quickly expanding to the USA, Mexico, and Latin America.

If you are looking for services and pricing you can check out our web pricing page here

How can I pay for the services?

Your payment will be processed using either Paypal or any card: Visa, Mastercard, or Amex.

Post payment options: Stripe, Direct Debit.

If you are a vendor we will let you know how to set up your account to get payments too πŸ˜‰

What happens after I join?

The process will be a little different if you are either a host or a vendor, check this out:

If you are a host make sure you follow all steps regarding creating a property, automating services with PMS or Ical options, and just book a service when you need it ;)

If you are a vendor remember to check our guide and follow all the steps (Also the documentation part πŸ˜‰) The Doinn team will review your profile as we make sure we have the best quality staff added to our network and deliver great service. After being approved you will start getting service requests!

If you have more questions for the host or vendors area please visit our articles related!

Remember to click below to open your Doinn account today!

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Updated on: 31/03/2022

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