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How to use messages and notes in-app 💬

We love to talk about our in-app messaging is one of our greatest hits! It helps you have an ongoing communication channel with the cleaning vendor and their team!

In this article, we will go over those things you can do to talk to the team!

How to message

When you have installed your app you will have the opportunity to message the team within the service with our messaging app which very looks like a WhatsApp just go to the service and send a message it would look like this:

Remember if you are a vendor this will also a channel for you to communicate with the team check all info here.

Either use it on a desktop or mobile! Like this:

How to add notes

If you are a vendor remember we talked about this also in this article.

But also as a property manager, you can leave notes for the vendor to have into consideration.

And at the same time the cleaning team may have notes for you when making or after ending the service so have this in mind!!

Cleaners can also use notes to report anything you could want to say to your company or the property owners.

1. Go to notes on the service:

2. You will now have 4 different options: simple, damages, problems, missing and can upload either various photos or just one depending on the case.

Notes will help you to report situations during your services such as:

If guests leave something behind.

You could not start the service on time because the guest was still in the apartment.

Take pictures if something has been broken or is missing.

As we said before the app is a collaborative space between all parties! Property owners, vendors, and cleaning teams have a tool to always be in touch and be able to discuss matters and take action at the right moment without delaying anything!

🚥 Watch out! notes are**not the same as messages:**

Notes: This will help you notify specific things from the service to your company or the property manager.

We hope these tips have helped, see you in the next chapter 👋👋

Updated on: 31/03/2022

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