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How to price your services 💰

Review all the details on how Doinn works and why pricing your services right it's so important

If you are reading this probably you have been giving some thoughts to your price list services when onboarding to Doinn or you just want to review some services prices.

Before explaining how to do this, we want to take a moment to tell you why Doinn won't charge you for the platform.

Doinn software has been made especially for the short-term rental industry, we built it with love and lots of effort thinking about what property managers need.

That's when you come in, as a cleaning company you are a crucial part of our offer to the property managers the thing is we also want to keep competitive on the market so please take this observation into consideration when adding prices to our system:

Remember with Doinn you will get NEW customers at ZERO cost.

Receive the FULL price amount given to a service. (No extra fees charged to a vendor)

Your potential customers will mostly have at least 3 properties.

Now that let's start on adding prices or updates.

Onboarding prices

When starting to work with Doinn you will have to make an account and insert hourly fees for the services you provide.

1. The screen will look like this:

2. When clicking some of the services you will have to add the hourly fee:


Keep in mind that the following boxes will be automatically calculated based on that hourly rate.

In case you have different prices per city add one and after signing up contact [email protected] to add other city prices.

In case you select linen and laundry, be sure to have those prices separately on hand to put in the fares individually as well.

3. Successfully updated prices will look like this:

🚨 Keep in mind if you see that you have too many boxes to fill out. Just keep in mind you will have to give the specific price for each type of property and also per city. 🚨

Some important facts you need to know when pricing:

The price should include cleaning products.

This price is the starting point, first info Doinn gets, it can be updated later if needed.

We have many options to add extras that you will see later for example if the cleaner needs to stay 30 minutes more or the guest was there before the service and it took more time just hang on until you see it and add a price!

Remember the list in pricing is limited to save time but we can set any additional service you perform, like amenities for example, and set the price. Just give us a shout!

Price per Kit is for all Items in the description and in every turnover. The price should include the operation of managing orders and delivery. And if there is any additional cost due to delivery please let us know.

The previous bullet also applies to laundry as well.

Can I update the prices?

Let's say you nailed your onboarding prices and you already are a kick-ass Doinner Vendor 😄 Maybe you want to update a specific price because the price was wrong.

In this case, you will have to contact our team at [email protected] because of the nature of our business the prices can only be updated by them to ensure we are providing the property manager with the best competitive options.

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See you next time 👋👋

Updated on: 31/03/2022

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