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How to become a Doinners vendor 🏢

Step by step on how to create your account

You are steps away from getting customers at ZERO cost..... Unbelievable right?

At Doinn we will get you a top-of-the-line platform to connect to ready-to-order rental owners or rental management companies sounds great we know!

Important: In order to do this please keep in mind you will have to spend at least 15 minutes creating your account, it will totally be worth it. also, you can always come back and update anything in case you need to.

So let's get start it:

1. Enter to and click on cleaning companies and hit become a supplier:

Doinn webpage

Or click here 😄 Become a Doinn Vendor

2. You will now see this screen click your country of operations:

Note: Remember to be patient and spare some time to complete all the forms we ask you for this is a very important step to get your new customers.*

Now we are really starting this 😄

3. Fill the cities you can provide services in:

4. Fill all the properties your company can provide services to:

5. Now choose the service per type of property

Note: It is OK to have more services in the short term than for a villa, for example, remember this all depends on your company details.

6. Choose the services provided per city:

Note: Again they can be different depending on the coverage your company can provide.

If you choose 5 cities you will then see each 5 of them on this screen to make sure you choose the service for the city, if you offer the same in all you won't have to de-select any of the services.

Type of services Doinn

7. Now we got into the interesting part, prices in this case please be sure to think of it as a price you will give to a property manager who has between 2-5 rentals as we want to be competitive in the market.


If there is a big customer with bigger rentals under their management we will absolutely contact you to negotiate the terms of pricing.

You will see here that the duration of services is ALREADY SET, we do it because after years of experience we know what host needs and what time is efficient also for the cleaning companies.

You will now put in the price per hour and our system will calculate automatically for type of rental (1 bedroom, studio, others)

If you need more help with pricing check this article here.

8. You will now see a screen with prices updated:

9. Please upload the requested documents, you are probably wondering why do we need these documents?

We basically need to confirm all the information to know you are indeed a real company and that we are not promoting illegal cleaning ⛔

Be sure you upload all documents if not your account will be stuck on INCOMPLETE status, so be ready to upload!

10. You are almost there! Now you will see the terms and conditions checkbox:

Read the terms and conditions, if not at that precise moment take a while to do it. As here you will see the clauses and the legal nature of the relationship you will now have with Doinn.

11. After checking the terms and conditions YOU ARE IN!

Thank you so much for joining us! 😉

Remember that when we go through this process we take some time to review your account and make sure that all the information provided is correct; if something is missing, one of our agents will contact you.

What if I don't offer some of the services on the list?

Don't worry, it's okay if you don't offer all the services suggested in the registration process.

Just remember that you will have to choose the ones that you do offer and in any case, if you want to add a new service, you can always write to us at [email protected] and we will contact you for it.

Remember to let us know if this article was useful 😁

Check out the following article for more supplier doubts and questions! 👋👋

Updated on: 31/03/2022

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