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How to add extras to a service 📝

Welcome, again!

Dear vendor, if your staff is at a service and find out the details for the property are not correct. DO NOT PANIC!

That is why you need to learn how to add extras to the services.

The first thing to remember is in Doinn we have specific timing and procedures so if you have one of these scenarios:

A long-mid stay guest

The property looks like it has been closed for long periods of time.

A party might be held on the property.

Or any other circumstance in which your property requires more time to be cleaned due to the previous reasons explain then most likely you will have to add extra time.

Other extras can also be:

Because of extra laundry services (Making more loads than the specified for a service)

Linen is extra for a specific case.

Be aware these extras are cleaning and/or laundry items that were made but were not marked by the hosts or property manager when they order the service.

So let's go and get this started!

1.Go to the services tab:

2. Click on the service confirmed for the day:

3. Go to the details of the service and click on edit services:

4. Add the extras you need extra beds, extra time, transportations fees, etc.

You could even add a note to let the manager know why this was charged or more details on it 😉

The extras tool is quite transparent and is usually something that occurs in the event of misuse of the property where this cost is charged from the guests' deposits.

In order to comply and be able to do this, photos and/or videos MUST be taken and sent at the moment, in these extras since sometimes the bonds are available for just 24 hours.

Check here how to add notes.

We hope these tips have helped, see you in the next chapter 👋👋

Updated on: 31/03/2022

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