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How much time does a service take?⏱️

Doinn has specific timetables for services learn all here πŸ‘‡

We believe in efficiency! Is part of our MOTTO

Did you know that one of our secrets is the established timetables for cleaning?

Indeed we are experts in the industry and we have learned from the very BEST.

That is why when you hire Doinn services we have established timeframes depending on the size of your property to ensure you are getting the value of the services you are paying for.

Take note that it is crucial to have the correct items created in your Doinn account for these timeframes to be correct.

Have in mind that if your property is bigger than standard measurements or is a villa, country house, etc. you should request a virtual or personal tour so our team can indicate if your property needs more time on service.

The human touch we offer over our technology is our golden ticket 😜

This been said the timing varies depending on which country you are based in.

For example, in Portugal, we have these timings set:

Studio with no bedrooms 60 mins (1hour)

Apartment with 1room 1h15

Apartments with 2rooms 105 mins

See more detail about timings in Portugal here.

In other cases like Spain, Dominican Republic, Mexico, the USA we have these others:

Studio with no bedrooms 1h30

Apartment with 1room 1h45

Apartments with 2rooms 2h15

Note also that these timings are strictly for apartments for these countries; the villas have different timeframes.

Also, know our timings are based only on INTERNAL areas such as bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, etc. All other OUTDOOR areas such as Terrace, Common spaces, etc. need to be checked as they will be extra services added to the services.

As you see, the standard timing varies depending on the country. This happens because the types of distributions and sizes of the properties also vary.

We strongly advise you to discuss this with our support team to avoid any surprise extra charges if you think your apartment does not have "Standard measurements".

Like mentioned before you should always request a virtual or personal visit to define personalized timings on your property if needed.

You can do so by writing to our email: [email protected]

If it's urgent call these phones numbers:

ES +34 919 01 82 01

US +1 470-215-0669

PT +351 308 805 604

UK +44 330 808 1246

Latam +52 (1) 33 1293-2038

See you in the next chapter πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹

Updated on: 31/03/2022

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