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Get your property DOINN CERTIFIED 🧾

Did you know with Doinn you get a cleaning certification?

Of course, we have all been surprised by the covid-19 situation 🦠 and it has been a huge challenge everywhere.

At Doinn we like to take pride in the fact we were already taking cleaning protocols as our priority in the business. That is why all of our protocols have been reviewed to match each country's safety suggestions and comply with regulations.

¡The Doinners to the rescue!

We have gone to extraordinary measures an ensure guest's safety, our suppliers and cleaners have been trained on the new protocols. Which are the following:

Constant hand washing and distance taken of at least 2 meters.

Use of 😷 and gloves, as well as their correct use.

Every cleaner has its temperature taken each day.

Cleaners use disinfected shoes and carry the least of personal properties in each service.

We have added multi-lingual protocols to ensure acknowledgment.

All of this has been included in the process to get your own Doinn cleaning certification seal:

With the QR code, guests can inform themselves about the cleaning protocols detailed before.

So if you are a host you will only have to print and give this awesome seal to your cleaner's staff, they can put it in any visible place inside the property for the guests to see.

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Updated on: 31/03/2022

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