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FAQ's on cleaning services 🙋

Everything you must know about Doinn cleaning services

If you are new to Doinn you should absolutely take a look at these frequently asked questions!

And if you just want to refresh some information regarding our services this is the right place to take a look.

Without more fuzz let's start with the common questions:

Who are Doinn housekeepers?

Doinn works with the best housekeeping and cleaning companies in the hospitality industry.

We take very seriously to only work with companies that have traceable records of years in the industry this means housekeepers are regularly trained and have solid experience in hotel housekeeping or vacation rental apartment cleaning.

Quality control is a must and client feedback is taken very seriously, so we always appreciate hearing from you.

Do I have to be at home during the cleaning?

No, not necessarily. It is very important that you send us accurate information about how to pick up the keys if you will not be there.

You must fill in all the instructions accurately regarding the housekeeping requirements. You can add notes to the service and the team will see them.

Can I trust the cleaner?

Absolutely. We know what important trust is when it comes to your home, which is why our cleaners go through a rigorous screening process that includes a background and identity check, an in-person interview, and a reference check.

We also took precautions on the current covid-19 situation, you can check those here.

Does the service include cleaning products?

Yes, cloths and cleaning products have industrial quality and are provided by us.

However, all apartments should have available the following products for our cleaning teams as well as for guests:

A mop and a bucket

Dishwashing soap

Vacuum cleaner

A sanitizing detergent without chlorine

The cleaning products we use are manufactured according to the highest legal standards and respect the biodegrading rates in force.

We also limit the use of CFC’s, noni enols, and other substances considered hazardous for the natural environment.

Can I request a more in-depth cleaning?

Of course yes, we will be delighted. Remember that we recommend deep cleaning in cases such as:

Half-stay reservations prior to the new guest.

Your property has been closed for a long time.

After a much sought-after season.

You can check the price directly in your host panel or contact us at: [[email protected]](/cdn-cgi/l/email-protection#3c4f494c4c534e487c5853555252125f53)

Can I request a cleaning post-construction / post-renovation job?

Yes, sure, we will be happy to prepare an estimate for you. Please contact us at [[email protected]](/cdn-cgi/l/email-protection#f2818782829d8086b2969d9b9c9cdc919d)

For what time can I schedule a housekeeping service?

In general, housekeeping services are done between 9:00 and 18:00.

Are my cleaning services always performed by the same team?

The scheduling of our cleaning professionals depends on several factors, but if you have a preference for a specific team, share that request with us and we will do our best to get that team assigned to your property.

If a different team comes to clean my house, will I have to explain everything again?

No. The features of your house or specific notes on the service are registered in the apartment profile online. Additional information should be always added to the apartment profile or included in the service notes.

How long will the cleaning take?

We'll determine an average cleaning time depending on the number of bedrooms in your place. Please contact us so we can let you know how long we expect your service will take. If your place is particularly large or has special characteristics, the cleaning time might need to be extended.

How do you pick up the keys for a housekeeping service?

We can use your lockbox, collect them from a local store, or meet you at the property so you can hand over the keys on the first service.

I will use Doinn cleaning and check-in services – is one set of keys enough?

Two sets of keys are a required minimum if you wish to use our housekeeping and check-in services - there should also be one set of keys for your guests which remain in your home when guests check out.

What happens with the key after it is used?

We can return it to the lockbox or shop if that's where we found it. Otherwise, we can hold on to it for the next service. Just let us know your preference on the property page of the platform.

Remember if there is anything missing here check our more info section and if still, you do can't find what you are looking for please at [email protected] if it's urgent call these phones numbers:

ES +34 919 01 82 01

US +1 470-215-0669

PT +351 308 805 604

UK +44 330 808 1246

Latam +52 (1) 33 1293-2038

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Updated on: 31/03/2022

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