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Doinn reports for vendors 📊

Discover the reports made specially for Doinn vendors

Have I said before that we work effortlessly to give you guys an amazing platform? 🤭

Reports have been designed as a tool for vendors to reach out and use as a data source for the services provided through our platform.

When to use the report tab?

1. You can use the report's tab to check on services before been invoiced, go to the report tab, and group by host:

2. Look into the most services you make for property, this will help you see which customer brings you the most job tasks.

Hit group by and check the properties, you will see a screen like this one:

3. Check your staff's total of services monthly or on a custom range:

Click group by an employee and it can help you see how much services each staff member total per month or the custom range you select.

Be sure to have your staff members assigned in order to see them laid out in this report.

These reports will help you with your day-to-day business no doubt about it!

We hope these notes have helped you, see you in the next chapter 👋👋

Updated on: 31/03/2022

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