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Doinn app for vendors 📱

We not only provide vendors and suppliers with a top of line online software but also we've developed an amazing app.

Our vendor assistant app is available for apple or android in their respective marketplaces.

Note: Remember our old version downloaded from a URL is no longer supported so if you haven't downloaded it scan this code:

Can't scan, click this link

Once inside of the app all of your pending services with their details and instructions, click on any to display the info:

Make sure cleaners use the Start/Stop counter to ensure the status of each service for your knowledge and the buyer of the service as well.

We know it's awesome 😏 Even checking upcoming services, you can use the filter it will allow you to see services from the current day also the 2 previous or 2 upcoming days.

You can have a view from the app to all your staff:

These instructions are the same that your staff members will have to follow in order to download the app remember to use the same email when adding them to the Doinn platform as the one they use on their mobile so there will be no conflicts when downloading and using the app!

Would I get notifications for my services?

YES! You will receive each day notifications regarding the services you will have to performed everyday.

Is there any cleaning checklist?

When finishing your service you will now see a checklist that will help us verify that our services have maintained a high-quality standard.

After hitting the finish button you will have to check the items on your list if you make them.

The checklist is the last part in which you will be able to say you have left the dishwasher empty, the laundry machine as well, or even shut the windows.

It's a great way to close a service!

Remember to also check the article of the notes inside the app here.

We hope these notes have helped, see you in the next chapter 👋👋

Updated on: 31/03/2022

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