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Check-in & Check out for properties πŸ”‘

FAQs on check in and check out services

Let's say you moved to Algarve and you still have your flat down in Porto. And you used to receive your guests personally so what can you do now?

Easy! Book our check-in and check-out services through the platform! see below all about how this service works ;(

Who are your Welcomers?

We have an experienced and dynamic team that loves receiving guests.

With an academic background and a vast knowledge about the place and its tourist attractions, our Welcomers are always available to advise on the city’s highlights and seasonal attractions.

What will happen during the check-in service?

The Welcomer will arrive around 15 minutes early just to make sure that everything is in order; that the apartment is clean, that lights and electrical devices work properly, that there is hot water etc. and they will open windows (if appropriate).

Next, the Welcomer will wait for the guests in the place, and on meeting the guest will explain all the details, the house rules and give them suggestions.

NOTE: It is important to provide us with the guest's phone number, so the Welcomer can manage their time in case of any issue. If the phone number is not provided, the welcomer will wait for a maximum of 1 hour after the scheduled time.

What is the check-out service for?

The check-out service establishes a final point of contact with your guests.

The team member will help them with everything they may need (carrying their bags, directing them to a transfer, etc.), making a great last (and long-lasting) impression.

During the check-out, the Welcomer will also have an opportunity to check the state of the apartment and report any damages.

Can Welcomers receive money (safety deposit, local fee) directly from guests?

It is entirely upon the discretion of the check-in company. Most of them, for security reasons, prefer not to receive payments of large amounts in cash from guests.

What will happen after the service is done?

We know how important it is for you and your reviews to have our feedback from us, so the Welcomer will reach out to you with any notes from the check-in. If there is an urgent issue, they will contact you immediately by phone.

How do you pick up the keys for a check-in service?

You can schedule a meeting with us before your first check-in or we can pick up your keys elsewhere, in a place you trust, near the location and time scheduled for the service. (Please check if this applies to your city.)

I will use Doinn cleaning and check-in services – is one set of keys enough?

Two sets of keys are a required minimum if you wish to use our housekeeping and check-in services - there should also be one set of keys for your guests which remain in your home when guests check out.

Congratulations! You are now a professional in check-in and check-out services so see you in the next article πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹

Updated on: 31/03/2022

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